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      Internet Conference 2016 industrial ecology practice traditional corporate Internet +

      Date:May 4,2016

      2016 Industrial Ecology Internet Conference held soon, on a "practice of traditional corporate Internet +" brainstorming impending onslaught. Recently, the conference organizers announced HC agenda, involving a total of HC appliances City opening ceremony, the appliance industry transformation dialogue, the traditional trading business forum SME investment forum and visit the City, home appliances and many other cutting-edge hotspot.

      It is understood that the General Assembly to "Internet Conference 2016 Industrial Ecology, Practice traditional corporate Internet + cum HC Appliance City completed the opening ceremony" as the theme, and will be opened the curtain in Shunde, Guangdong, March 18. By then, there will be Internet leader, the investment community celebrities, experts and scholars, B2B industry chiefs and SME representatives thousand from across the country attended the meeting, the city opened by HC appliances inaugurated with heavyweight guests gathered together Discussion Internet outlet, the transformation and upgrading of traditional business problems. The agenda is currently published data show that China Household Electrical Appliances Business Association Peng Baoquan will for change and integration appliances channels, on economic policy and business transformation and upgrading of traditional interpretation of the current strategic and responsible Comtech core city CEO Kang Jingwei, HC Appliance City people Songbing Chen, Chinese apparel network CEO Chen Xuejun, and many other industry leaders, then a total transformation strategy, power traditional Internet business transformation.

      In addition, the Shanghai Steel silver white Rui electricity provider CEO, CEO of Plastic buy Guoxi Hong collective coming out commodity trading Forum, for the majority of the SMEs business logic, and together with the prospect of the development of the commodity in the future. Also, with the implementation of Internet + strategy to help SMEs out of the current situation in the doldrums of market economy development, Investment Forum Congress involved deserve our expectations cm technology CEO Chen Tong will also focus on internet + trends, to expand on the current status of investment in B2B industry interpretation, the eyes of investors to analyze how to connect urban and rural markets last centimeter. It is worth mentioning that the conference in the city of Shunde HC appliance industry base, will be integrated into visiting the link at the end of the meeting, participants will have the opportunity and settled in the small household electrical appliance enterprises with feelings paperless office Internet requirements.

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