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      Leather upholstery Conservation Analytical Instrumentation different parts Maintenance

      Date:May 4,2016

      Full car wash: in strict accordance with dusting, cleaning, maintenance trilogy of dashboards, roof, rear cylinder platform, seats, to cashmere, inner door, and so thorough cleaning and comprehensive maintenance. Are neutral or weakly acidic cleaning agents used in the cleaning process wherein, the residues no harmful gases, volatile and automatically within a few seconds, safety and environmental protection, will not do any harm.

      Seat: Seat is the owner of the most touching and most easily soiled interior parts, so maintenance of the seat, the first is on the seat cover cloth coverings, and another set of equipment, you can always replace cleaning.

      The second is to try to avoid foods or liquids spilled on the seat, especially alcohol or fragrance items are, once stained, if not more than 12 hours cleaning, these stains will be difficult removed.

      The third is to try to avoid metal objects to scratch the surface of the leather. Fourth regularly with leather cleaner and maintenance agents for cleaning and maintenance to prevent the leather aging, fading, cracking. Expert advice: every six months for the interior leather trim care.

      To velvet: velvet soiled local time, the vehicle can not be removed due to cleaning work has caused great difficulties, it is generally the owners have chosen to go to a professional car wash beauty shop, but usually in the velvet spread to block the Ottomans facilitate routine cleaning. After cleaning pads to which the water squeezed. Professional automotive beauty shop with a dedicated pad washing machines, cleaning pads and quick and clean.

      Leather Protection: professional automotive beauty shop is equipped with a full set of tools for leather care, use of different tools for different parts of the operation.

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