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      ADD:No. 9 Tianchier Raod, YEDA, Yantai, Shandong province, China

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      Shortage of skilled workers dragged the leather industry in Zambia

      Date:May 4,2016

      Zambia Copperbelt Province Leader Preston leather industrial park in an interview, said the leather industry in the absence of skills and technology to make contribution to the country's economic development potential has not been played, especially SMEs, technical staff shortage. Mr. Preston stressed to reporters that the large number of imported leather leather industry is also a serious impact.

      Leather Industrial Park hopes to SMEs technical training to improve the level of processing of leather, leather industry production potential release. At the same time, Mr. Preston also called for people to buy domestically produced leather goods, referring to the leather industry outlook, Mr. Preston indicated that their leather industry in creating value and employment has a great potential

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