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      Welcome to Yantai Jielaize Leather Goods Co., Ltd Official Web site!
      About Us

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      Yantai Jielaize Leather Goods Co., Ltd




      ADD:No. 9 Tianchier Raod, YEDA, Yantai, Shandong province, China

      Company Profile

      Yantai Jielaize Leather Goods Co., Ltd was established in the year of 2004. The company locates in Yantai City which is at the beautiful shores of Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea, its address is No. 9 Tianchier Raod, YEDA, Yantai, Shandong province, China, Postcode: 264006. The total employees are around 260 people, including about 20 people of    technical design, development and quality assurance, about 220 people of first-line workers, and approximate 20 people of management and    staff  personnel. The quantity of various equipment: 300 pieces(sets).   The company’s main products are: (1).tool bag, warning vest and carseat cover for Volkswagen, Audi,Hyundai and etc, (2). tepid health careproducts of 2-class, tepid health care massage chairs,and so on  which are independently .developed, designed and produced.

      The existing main customers of the company are Volkswagen AG Germany and companies under Volkswagen flag - such as Porsche,    Bentley, SEAT and so on, Audi AG Germany, Audi Hungary, Audi Mexico, Hyundai Korea, Happy Group Korea, Qingdao AUCMA Group and etc.
      The company has the qualification of self-supporting import and export. The products are principally exported to Germany, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Slovakia, Republic of South Africa, Korea and other countries and regions, used on various vehicle types of automobiles of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, SEAT and so on; Tepid health care products have a high reputation at home and abroad by several famous brands of “HAPPY DREAM”, “AUCMA” and “HAOMENGYUAN”.
      The company has a stable and competent technology team which has the ability of independent research and development,designing and producing products. It developed and designed the whole set of tepid health care products independently and meanwhile  joint in developing and design of several styles of Audi and VW parts.
      From the year of 2010 when we were nominated as the first tiersupplier by Volkswagen AG and Audi AG, we continuously reinforce the modernized management, reequipped the production lines  and  updated processes. This brings the company happy results such as (1). Product mix became more rational and improved production efficiency greatly; (2).gained a more stable human resource , (3). Steady promotion of products and service quality –the rate of defective products is much lower than 300PPMwhich is the standard of Volkswagen AG and Audi AG.
      Below is the existing status of certifications and approvals the company gained:
                (1). In the year 2004 – National Industrial Production License;
                (2). In the year 2007 – Quality Management System certification: ISO9001:2008;
                (3). In the year 2010 – Duns and Bradstreet certification and registration. Duns Number 421262844;
                (4). In the year 2010 – Supplier Qualification of Volkswagen/Audi was nominated. (Supplier No.: ellipsis);
                (5). In the year of 2014 – National Work Safety Standardization Certificate: 3rd grade enterprise.
                (6). In the year 2015 – Certification of EN ISO 20471 “High Visibility Clothing – Test Methods and Requirements”

      For the purpose of enhancing management level of the enterprise itself, to meet the requirements of internationalized market, the company already submitted application for the certification of IATF 16949 – technical specification of particular requirements of automotive production in January of 2018 and the estimated time of qualification will be in the year of 2018. To ensure the high efficiency of internal information flow, the company considers to install MRP or ERP system within 2 years for production management.

      In order for sustainability, for to satisfy customers better, the company invested to establish its ownsubsidiary company in Wuzhi county of Henan Province: Wuzhi Jielaize Leather Goods Co., Ltd. This action increased the whole company’s production capacity of reflective vest to a level of 5 to 10 million pieces.

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